Friday, February 26, 2016

Track Season 2016

First Track meet was rough. Zekaryah had been out the week before two days with a stomach bug, so he didn't get much running in and then the week of the meet he was out a few days from giving blood and church. He ran the 800 and the 4 by 4 races.
It was so COLD~~~ He ran so well in the 800, however after the race he collapsed, in that seizure like episode he has. He came to after a couple minutes and then was fine. He ate, felt better and ran the 4 by 4. Their team came in first. The coach said he has never seen anything quite like it or him. I am so thankful he listened to us and let him run. It is scary at times but he knows his body and he had one of his best times, despite the odds.

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