Thursday, February 18, 2016

Medical Frustrations

Its frustrating not knowing how to help your child medically. We had such a good cross country season. I think he had two episodes all season that were pretty serious. He had a mock meet for track today. Ran the 400 meter just fine, ran the 200 meter and just didn't feel right, he went down after he finished. I am super thankful for the trainer who is ever so calm, she just calls to let me know, being the end of practice I just met him in the training room and we chatted a bit. Part of me felt he should have eaten after school so that he was ready for the meet. I am thinking he has welding 6th period and it might be a great time to eat something on meet days. We are trying to rework a diet. Its tough when you are so active to keep enough calories in your diet and the right ones too. Its tough also when you are at public school to pack a good lunch full of things that will benefit you and not break the bank. I almost need a job just to pay for breakfast and lunch. It gets expensive.
We are saying prayers for this season. I know he would love to run in college but I am not sure if an athletic department would even consider him. I am not sure if this is something he will out grow or if it is something that he will deal with the rest of his life. So many questions, so few answers and solutions.

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