Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Unexpected Blessing

Philippians 4:19 “And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” 
Lately I feel like I am swallowed by an endless vehicle issue pit. We have four vehicles, we need two to run, the other two are older vehicles that we have been waiting for children to drive. We decided recently when my husband's truck started having issues it was time to put some money into our other truck, which we got when our middle child was born so that 1.) we would have another vehicle to help with daily needs of transporting kids and such and then 2.) our son would have a gift for his 18th birthday and would also be inspired to get his license and have a way to get some side work for Ecuador and summer camp. We have been working on my husbands truck since Novemeber. Our neighbor is a mechanic and he helped us with a water pump and some other things on my vehicle this summer. At first it was great. He was trying to troubleshoot an oil leak. In the process the service engine light started having issues, we have been now troubleshooting that since. We get the the truck back, are told what the new "fixes are" pay some money and then find nope its still back on after driving it the required 50+ miles. Its a struggle to get it back because he is super busy, I get that, we are neighbors. We recently went on our trip and he had four days with it where we didn't need it. We came back so hopeful, it took a few more days to get it, it failed inspection, he looked at it again and then I took it yesterday when the guarantee that it would pass, it failed two bays. I am frustrated. I decided we should go ahead and just focus on the son's soon to be new to him truck. I found that the battery needed replacing, we just had to do that to my vehicle, unexpectedly last week, $135 unexpected cost....I wasn't thrilled. I went next door to get the information I needed on the truck to make the purchase. Well I didn't quite have enough. I stood at the counter in a sinus medicine fog. You know what i am talking about. Where it takes so much energy to think and process something. I counted the money. I thought about money I had on paypal and how I might have enough to split the difference from every penny I had in my wallet to what was left of quilting order income. It would wipe me out. As I struggled, the girl that lives with us, all of 19 years old, handed me $60. It covered what I was lacking. We bought the battery and came home. We installed it next door, I took our truck. I was hopeful to call insurance this morning, add it to our already monthly bills as planned and have a vehicle, knowing that my vehicle inspection light is on, my inspection is up this month and I need new stickers and we are still troubleshooting my husbands truck...WHEW~~~ exhausting. Well my husband gets home, praises us for our job, I share my somewhat funny store story. He gives me money to cover the money loaned to us. We chat about our son's soon to be truck, that is supposed to be ready to give to him because his 18th birthday is Saturday..I feel despair, I feel hopeless. I immediately cry out to God with a chest full of pain. It seems the $150 that my son gave him of his own money to work on the truck to fix the final needed items wasn't applied to the truck. My husband upon looking found that while an air filter cover was added under the hood, without installing a new air filter, which I will do today. The spark plug and cable/wire work was not done. The truck door was not fixed how it was supposed to, not at all to be honest. He has had the truck since Christmas Break. We have been talking about the project since summer time. I don't know how you prove they weren't done. My husband is 100% sure. You can see the very old dirt around the plugs, you could see that if you had taken them out that a normal person would have wiped away that filth when putting in the new plug and wires. You could tell they are old. My husband knows this truck, it of course had been his for so many years, its the first truck we had as a married couple. I now reach out in hopes of prayer for my husband, who has a heavy heart at not being treated fairly, at being told something was done and expecting not his money but his child's money. I think the sting in that is severe. We are praying for this man's honesty. That even though his money is probably spent he will do the right thing. We don't want to offend, we don't want to assume, or accuse or be bad neighbors but you don't want to feel "Scammed" either. I reach out to you to join us in prayer. I share this story not to tell the wrong of these actions and situation or gossip as some might say but to be real in this very moment in our struggle to try and provide for our family. We have had to take grocery money, work extra jobs, do so much to try and pay for these repairs. We have struggled to not have two vehicles, which I know so many do every day and I honestly don't know how. We need the Lord's Guidanace and wisdom and favor. I would love for this man to just come to us and be honest, just do the work without my husband having to confront him. I know the Lord has a plan. I know he knew we would discover this and I know he has an answer for us. Part of me feels that he just didn't get around to it and my hasty decision to put a battery in and take the truck back may have caused part of this situation. The real blessing on this whole story that I want to end with is the part of the Store. I stood in that store, just not knowing what to do. God led her to step up and give me all she had in her wallet, the $60. She doesn't have much work with her horses. She has been trying to add business to her plate. She didn't hesitate. I wrote a sweet card yesterday evening and I left it in her room with the $60. The above hand drawn picture and cash was left on my desk this morning. I had been up all night with our daughter helping with an English project and she knew I was going back to bed, it was the perfect timing. She gave it back, the gift in the first place was not a loan it was to help out when she knew we needed it most. It was God blessing us through her. So pray the Lord bless her for this, pray the Lord provide her with 10 fold extra work so that her gift run overflowing to provide for her own needs. She has a horse here on our property that came with her, it costs quite a bit to have a horse. She takes the kids to school every day and picks them up most days because I don't have a vehicle. She doesn't even blink an eye. She takes me to the grocery store if I need it. I am thankful for this unexpected blessing.

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