Thursday, January 7, 2016

Being Intentional Planning Kairos Time

I have been looking over our schedule and planning intentional moments of Kairos Time- Time of Rest.
I never realized how important that truly is. I matched up our college calendar, high school calendar and parents calendars to try and put in vacation days early before his co workers snag them. I got us through the school year to start. I also know that the kids are going to camp this year. They both put in their $100 deposit yesterday. They still need $300 more so I am praying for quilt sales and pet sitting jobs. The younger two both want to go to Ecuador this year so that is more funding we have to try and raise and a pretty short time frame too.
I am excited that we are looking at how we spend out time. Trying to motivate homework to start between 3-4  pm on days that we do not have afternoon activities. Being intentional about meal planning and having Izzy help us with things like dishes and sweeping. The little things I can scratch off my To Do List help me take more orders and do more of the dinner time cooking which helps my husband take on more side work.
Bottom Line remembering Rest among the Chaos. 

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