Saturday, October 25, 2014

Visiting Jakob at SMU October Homecoming

I was very fortunate to attend all of Jakob's pre college experiences. My husband had to work and was unable to tag along. Even orientation and move in was not possible. Homecoming at SMU is in October and instead of going out during that busy weekend we went the weekend after for my pre birthday celebration.
I was so excited to see him. Its amazing how much they change once they move out on their own.
We made a stop at In and Out. I loved this restaurant in California so its so nice that Dallas has them, and its pretty inexpensive considering.
We stayed the whole weekend so he got to sleep in a real bed and enjoy a break from the campus. 
We gave dad a tour of the campus and snapped a quick photo there
I love their change up of landscaping. I wonder what they do with all the pepper plants when they are finished with them.
We enjoyed a night out at Outback, not normally in our price range but it was a nice treat.
Jakob collects soda bottles, he happened to find a few during our weekend venture. He was one happy camper. It was a great birthday treat. One I hope we can continue.


  1. I like the way you write your blog. You're a very nice person. Thank you for being so positive and sincere. I'm sure you'll be happy, dear. All the luck yo you and your friends and relatives!

  2. Jacob seems to love fried potatoes, doesn't he? Such funny photos! I remember traveling to California and meeting my old friend Felix. He showed us so many different places there. It's so nice to have such wonderful friends.
    Joline Desslow


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