Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2015

So I am a year behind in posting. I want to still put all of it up on my Blog but not sure there is a back button for time posting..

Xmas Eve this year we gave fleece pants and robes, both were very needed
First year of Jakob away at school. It is great to have him home a whole month.
This girly missed her brother
Stockings, there is always so much excitement about them. Even hatchet wants to know what is inside them.
Honey- I love honey its great with tea and its my favorite morning drink
There are some photos you treasure, this is one for sure. I can't wait to see what he creates with this!
Jakob owned a kindle but he needed one with larger capacity and its a must with college life. We don't provide our children with smart phones so a kindle is perfect for a internet ready campus.
This girly loves to take photos, sometimes she wishes she had more time to take even more. A camera seemed the perfect gift. Of course we would learn that this is a very limited camera.
Family time its the most precious Christmas gift. I love it so much~


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