Saturday, February 8, 2014

Track Season

We have had some unusually cold weather here in Texas. I don't really care for it. I was a little surprised the other morning when we had a pretty good amount of sleet and the weather was 25 degrees out that the kids were running. I think that this has caused our kiddos some issues since they truly are not used to these conditions. Zekaryah has been complaining of major shortness of breath, to the point of some heart pressure and also passing out. He has also been complaining of his ankles, back and one of his legs.
We have been doing some physical therapy for MeKenzei so it has been hard to get Zekaryah into the dr.. Paul finally came home from his business trip to Ohio so I scheduled appointments for both of them, since Mekenzei's PT is right across the hall. I was happy to see the dr was taking this seriously because it didn't feel like it was otherwise. She did a heart reading, and also some oxygen readings. He will start using an inhaler before running each time and also is going into the PT for an adjustment. Will have to see if we progress with some xrays for him as well since that is the next course of action for MeKenzei. I am hoping the inhaler will help him with his oxygen levels and the adjustment to his legs  and back will not only help him feel better but breath better. I think these kiddos pushed too hard during cross country.

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