Saturday, February 8, 2014

Long Business Trips

This is Ohio- it is where Pauls' main hub for Rittal is located here in the States. He has been going there, this was the third trip between Dec and Feb. It really has been hard to have him gone so much in 8 weeks. He encountered A LOT OF SNOW.
We don't see snow like this in Magnolia. I am thankful that he is very safe driving in it!
This last trip was probably the worst storm he encountered on his trips out there. We were both a little worried as to if he would get to fly home this past Thursday.
I am thankful that he has amazing job security. It is not very convenient for us for him to travel so much lately. Its Jakob's senior year and we now have three students in High School. I don't have many friends or family members to rely on when things get a little crazy. I am thankful to the couple of friends that have assisted Zekaryah with rides home as needed so that I could have MeKenzei at Physical Therapy. I am also thankful for those same friends helping us while we had our own cold weather here and they housed both the younger two.
I would say that for him the snow got pretty old and I am super thankful that we can avoid being relocated there. I love Houston/Magnolia weather. I would much rather deal with the very warm summers than all this cold.
We were so excited to have him home and I think it will take a few days for him to recover and his body to adjust from night shift to days again. Even the dogs were super excited. 

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