Saturday, February 15, 2014

Repairs and Obstacles

Sometimes we have some tough weeks. Seems like this is one of them. The water pump started acting up in the white truck, we never did get the car fixed its a 6+ hour job and Paul has yet to have 6 hours to get it done. So thankfully friends helped with transportation issues this week. So the stairs rotted out again- not sure why this seems to be such a big issue- makes for a huge hazard with the cold nights and frozen walk way. I am praying we can fix it soon.
I came home Tue this week to find that the neighbor had turned the main water off at the street because this pipe burst. It had been on for quite some time because he had standing water in his yard- with acre + lots it tells a lot. Can't imagine what the water bill will be. Luckily my husband got off a little early so he could come and repair it so that we had water by the evening time.

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