Monday, January 13, 2014

Moments together

I think with all of Paul's traveling we seize some of our own moments lately. We happened to look back and see that sometimes we forget to take photos of ourselves when we get all these snap shots of the kids. We are trying to make sure we do better with that. One of the kids snapped this shot Christmas morning. I love it.
We actually got a night away for our anniversary this year. I found an incredible deal in Galveston so we took advantage of it. I am super thankful Jakob took this photo for us before we left because it was so cold and miserable we didn't get any photos of ourselves while on the trip, then I must have eaten something because I became pretty sick that evening and we actually came straight home after check out. We had another trip planned for this month with a friend and her husband to Louisiana, I am thankful that we went for our anniversary because we had to cancel since Paul's work needed to send him to Ohio. Sometimes the Lord really does impress things like dates upon us, we need to learn to listen because we almost missed this opportunity in planning for the future instead of the moment in front of us.

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