Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Combat Bait System Giveaway

I received this Combat Bait Strip System.  I love the new concept of the bait strips. Instead of the boxes like they used to have they have these really easy strips that can be put just about anywhere. I love that they are also able to be hidden. They are very easy to put up. I like that I can put them in the upper cabinet area and that they are out of the way of kids, where I sweep etc. The nice thing about Combat is that it only takes one ant or roach to go into the bait system and they then take that back to the location of all the other ants or roaches to kill them off. That makes for a very nice Roach and Ant Control system.
Combat is also offering a sweepstakes for $1000 It is for  a Visa Gift Card.
With this Giveaway Combat will send the winner the system directly. I will not be sending a coupon to you.
It may take a couple of weeks to receive it once you have won.
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