Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that choir shirts finally came in today so I can start the quilts that will be auctioned off in a couple of weeks. I was stressing just a tad that we would only be able to auction one quilt. I think I have enough now to do the four I had intended. I am thankful also that I have such a loving and supporting husband. This year has been full of ups and downs for us. I have really dove into volunteering like no other year and had some mixed emotions about it recently. I am thankful he listened and then really just told me to stay honest to myself and the Lord will work it all out. I am thankful he reminded me why I volunteer. I love the relationships that I build with other children while I am at school or in the community. I love that I can spend even more time with my own children who constantly ask if I am coming up. I also enjoy the relationships, small that they are, with other moms. Most of all I just love giving back. I realize that later in life some child might say remember that mom that was always at the school helping us.. the example we set for others is the greatest reward for all our hard work. I am thankful for exercise. I really have picked it back up. I have made a commitment to myself and am making the time, even if it means things are a little more crazy for a while. I am thankful that even though I would love to push a little harder I am trying to keep a routine of just 2 miles per day for a couple weeks and then add in something else. I am staying aware with my past and the severe trouble I had with anorexia. I am so thankful the Lord helps me fight this battle, because I want to be healthy and fit not sick. I am so thankful to have three wonderful children. I have demanded a great deal of them this year. They helped me with a garage sale at school this past weekend. They helped unload a trailer full of boxes two days and then helped with the sale the next day as well as reloading all of the remaining items to haul off. I am thankful that since we are short on volunteers tomorrow they are willing to be my personal assistants and give up their Friday night. I think the best lesson I can give them is to serve in areas as a family, everyone involved..I am thankful for that Godly wisdom. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Photobucket

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