Monday, May 7, 2012

Creativity for Mother's Day

I have learned that Creativity is important for Mother's Day, as well as my Birthday, or even Christmas. If I am wanting something in particular I better not hint about it, no one will get the hint. Note this is on the refrigerator.  I have also learned that if I do not share the ideas I will not get a gift. Just kind of how it works in the household, things are easily forgotten. I have wanted two things for any holiday for quite some time. Maybe we are on the right track this year. They are blinds for my room because there is way too  much light in there at night and my mind does not shut off, and a desk. I desperately need a better desk/organized system. This year I added a body pillow to my list as I just had to throw out my old one, that goes at the end of the bed. I also wrote a list of things I just would like to see done because well I don't have time to do it all.
Now onto a great idea! We had this metal put together shelf holding shoes for quite some time, before that we tried Rubbermaid buckets. This is what I have been wanting. My husband had an extra hour yesterday and I got my desire. It still needs to be painted but he just used some old wood we took down from our daughters room a couple years ago. Then our daughter emptied the old unit, swept the floor and organized everyone's shoes. What a great weekend project. Nice and simple but very functional.

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