Friday, May 25, 2012

Choir Donation Quilts

Five of the Six Choir Quilts made - these raised $940, one of them- the Men's Choir Quilt went for $305. Very cool. I was not allowed to bid on them. My husband said absolutely not. There were three I was interested in since my daughter is in the Chamber Choir, son is in the Men's Choir and both are in the Show Choir. I should have kept a couple extra pieces to make a sampler from, just didn't think of it.
This is a quilt made from 12 of this years choir shirt. I guess the kids didn't care for it as much as some others because boy did I have plenty of them!

I had used this gray fabric from the front in another order this summer. It sure was pretty. I will say it was not a big hit the night of the choir event though. It was the second highest bid.

The key to this quilts success was having two students names on it. A friend of ours was bidding on this quilt for her son and she got outbid by $5. WOW...I am still impressed that it went for $305. I ask $150 for them, $160 with the embroidery.

This show choir quilt was almost difficult to pull off I had to ask for a few extra shirts from an elementary school choir teacher and a high school choir teacher. I am thankful for the generosity as it helped me have plenty for this quilt as well as a special gift for their Jr High Choir Director.

I love the fabric on this one. This black scroll has been a fabric in many of my quilts this year. I am a little bummed that I used the last of it in these two quilts. I am hoping I can sell some more quilts so I can make another purchase. I love the way it looks.

The choir director loved the fabric in the Treble quilt so much that I pushed the fabric aside that I bought for her surprise quilt and made one for her in matching fabric. I found a couple cool shirts to include in her quilt. One is tie dyed and says Music is my Nature. I left her a blank square in the top middle row for all the students to sign. She was very impressed to get such a cool gift.

I chose a very special Letter Home font for her quilt, and found a thread that matched the tie dyed shirt. It turned out so nice. I really love it!

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