Monday, May 14, 2012

Birthday and Mother's Day weekend

I was thankful to find two used movies starring Johnny Depp for our daughter. She wanted cash for her birthday since she is saving for a downpayment on her braces. I wanted to still at least give her something small to open. This was perfect.
We decided financially that it made more sense to combine her birthday dinner with mother's day dinner to save on some money. So my husband made a nice BBQ steak dinner with baked potatoes, mac n cheese and corn on the cob. This was her birthday request and it worked fine for me. She wanted cheesecake for dessert.
If you remember my post a week ago I wanted a new desk. Now I do admit I thought my husband would make me one. Luck would have it for him that his sister was parting ways with this one. It is working better for me then my old one. I still desire a bookshelf so I will have to see if I can get one built in the next few months. I do like that I can run my embroidery on the desk now instead of having to run the cables across the room onto another table. It works great.
The other request I had was for a clean house. I think we got off to a good start. I still am owed a little time from my younger two children but I am so grateful for my oldest. He really helped pull this off. It was also necessary as we have someone coming to look at the piano this week. I am praying we can sell it and then that we figure out how to move it out of the house and into hers.
I still have a little cleaning to do. I feel good starting the week off a little more under control. I am hoping we can set up a summer calendar with tasks that need to be done. Yesterday while we cleaned my husband added one more step to our porch. That was really nice. We lost the two bottom steps months ago and he had enough time to add one  but it has been unfinished for quite some time. Now its nearly done, he just needs to frame the top. I will have to post pictures later.

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