Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Projects-Cages

Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE my husband! He is just AMAZING!!! While Kenzei and I volunteered this weekend at SOS (the clothing location) he stayed home and put roofs on a couple of our cages, we only had three up, he put up more, which he will still need to roof. He also cut these cool doors on the front. The sides of the cages lift and that is how I was getting in and out to collect eggs and feed them, it was super heavy. I was always worried it would slide back and break my back. No more worrying, he came up with a solution I love!

I am so thankful for the Lord's provision for these cages, the business next door to my husband's work, scraps these. Often my husband and his co workers take them and scrap them for cash which pays for gas or food. Some of them my husband is allowed to keep and we have been turning them into cages. I think in return once we start getting some chicken eggs that is how he will pay the guys back for missing out on the cash they could have made if they all scraped them.

Even standing in the very edge of the little animal area we have I had a hard time getting a great picture to show you the vastness of his project. It does show that some of the roofing needs to be finished. I was so impressed with how much he got done. I am also so thankful since the chicks we hatched over Easter weekend will need to be relocated outside soon.

We had to move the rabbits to a cage on the ground for now, so that we could put 10 older chicks in a cage last week. We haven't gotten them into their new cage. He brought one home that is more rectangular and he is going to put it on a stand and put a divider in the middle. Since these two are siblings we do not want any of their babies, not a good idea at all. Pilsner does not know what to think of these little guys. He usually chases the wild ones in our yard so he just is not understanding why they are in a cage, much less why he can't play with them. It was a great weekend!


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