Monday, April 16, 2012

School Projects

Having two children in the same grade can sometimes prove expensive and time consuming, esp in months like this one where a teacher assigns various projects to choose from as long as you have 100 points worth. Our middle son always requires more help as he has trouble in school. Above is a snake he made, I helped him transfer it to foam board, hot glue all the characters of his rain forest and make up 30 playing cards about a Rain forest ecosystem and cards about his snake. We played the game "Eaten Alive" last night to make sure it would work and it was interesting..He also made a brochure on oil spills and the effects that has on an ocean ecosystem (with my help), he also made a quiz on a pond ecosystem, a collage on a desert ecosystem and then a 3 Fact and 1 Fib powerpoint slide..I am happy to say it is all over~!

This is our daughters game it is called jumper. She used frog pieces to move through the lily pads, using 20 cards and dice to play her game. Her ecosystem on this one is a pond- hence the blue foam board. She also made a collage- which was based on an ocean, a 3 fact 1 fib power point presentation on the Arctic- which was really neat!, She made a quiz on a desert and instead of a brochure she chose to write up a two page news statement on rain forests and their importance as an ecosystem. She also has had to read a novel, which she is done with and now she is working to write a 2 page typed paper on that, which is very complicated for 7th grade since they have a rubric they are graded on, for this same book she will need to create a game- much like this one. It will have to deal with the themes characters etc of the book, so I have purchased $20 in wolves for her game, I am praying they arrive soon. She also had to type up her first ever RESUME so that she can be looked at for National Junior Honor Society. Lastly she volunteered four and a half hours with me on Saturday helping to sort, tag and hang clothing donations. I am so thankful she is a little more independent but it is still a lot of work.


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