Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Week in Review

This is our week in review, it seems I have been super busy lately, which makes it hard to find time to blog during the day. Last week Jakob needed the computer every evening to finish up a huge project in two different classes. So here is a snapshot, backwards of what we have been up to.  The giveaway quilt won by a follower in February. Really made me miss CA as I saw the Dodgers Tshirt, one for LA...I hope she loves it.

A table runner made for a friend of mine, per her request spring colors, she loves green and I found this cute owl fabric on a blue background to back it with. It measures about 18 by 48.

The guys had a blast. Paul got so many beads that they got stuck around his neck. It was pretty funny!

This is how we spent our weekend- it was so yucky for a parade but the guys still wanted to go- I sat in the truck. I liked the idea of staying dry.

Choir UIL- after the compeition we took a bus to the mall and this is how I spent Thur afternoon- evening. Thur morning I volunteered in the library. Friday I spent all day teaching 3rd grade.

Choir UIL- after the competition we took a bus to the mall and split up into groups, this is how I spent Wed afternoon-evening. It was a lot of fun.


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