Saturday, February 4, 2012

Big Bad Wolf

Sometimes I feel like the Big Bad Wolf. Do you ever feel that way?

I have had to say no to some things that family wants to do lately. 
For example my husband wanted to go to a local brewery across town this afternoon, his brother and family are going to be there. It would be fun. We own the pilsner glass so the cost is nothing, you get three free tokens and can drink for free with those. However, we would have to spend money for gas to get there. Honestly we don't have that gas money. 
So, I said no, not this time. He was a little upset
The moment has passed.

I had to tell my daughter no last night to a trip with a friend and her friend's family this summer.
The cost $150, we don't have that. Also its a trip with the dad and his new wife and we don't really know them. I don't feel its a good idea.
I know she is disappointed.
The moment has now passed.

Last night I had to say no to our son Zekaryah. 
We had one chilis card left from a friend who did something nice for our anniversary.
Paul wanted to have a date last night and see a movie at the $2.50 location in Tomball.
Zekaryah wanted to go- I said no.
Then he wanted to go to a friends house. 
I did say yes, however he never reached him.
He then wanted us to wait around, it was already 6:30 to ensure his friend would not call.
Again I said  no.
We went on our date.
We did not go to the movie. 
I decided dinner only cost $5 but the movie would cost additional money
We didn't really have it
We came home, a little disapoointed
The moment already passed.

I made our menu for the week. The family members that participated all had some grand ideas, many I had to say no too. We just need to keep things as cheap as possible for 6 months. We are using up as much as we can in the stockpile that I had from all that Kroger couponing a year ago. I really miss their double and triple coupons and matching with sales to get some great prices. It is a little scary to think we are having to depend nearly soley on the stockpile but I am trusting the Lord has a great plan in 6 months time or less - when the stockpile is exhausted, when our freezer, deep freeze and pantry is bare. So I made my list. I have our $20 from my friend who sent me a kind note this week. I have our $100 gift card that another friend sent and we are prepared for the store. I have decided to just do our list one week at a time. I had planned to buy our foods that were non perishable all today with the gift card but then I decided the Lord might move mountains and help our items we need to go on sale so we are shopping for this week not the month.
Here is our list.

Household                                                                                                     Bread
Borax                                                                                                             Tortillas for fajitas
                                                                                                                      French Bread
                                                                                                                      Sandwich Bread

Dairy                                                                                                            Produce
Milk (later in week)                                                                                        Onion
Eggs                                                                                                               Peppers


Canned/Processed                                                                                    Meat
Prego                                                                                                          Ham Lunchmeat
Spaghetti Noodles                                                                                       Bacon
 I pray for this coming week that we continue to stay strong.
Last weekend the porch steps- bottom two collapsed. Zekaryah created a temporary fix.
This weekend the rain has caused a huge drainage issue. Our trenches stopped holding. We need 4 inch pipe.
I have a $50 gift card to Home Depot so I am praying that will cover those expenses.
I get frustrated at times when we think we have a plan and then it get sucked down the drain so to speak.
I am trying so hard to not use our credit cards. We already had to break that since 2012.
Taxes for our land went on the credit card, gas money, Jakob's dental visit this past week was $104, we didn't have it, more gas money, then to mail my two quilt orders and the sewing machine I had to charge those shipping fees yesterday too. Its sad to see that my balances that were going down, just went back up, so we start February with more debt than we had in January. I know the Lord will continue to help us.
We just need to continue to pray, try to be faithful and I need to continue to say No to the things we do not need, but rather just want.
Eventually maybe they will stop asking?
Probably not, but it is a good thought.

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