Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WordFilled Wednesday

There will be a time for every activity, a time for every deed. Ecclesiastes 3:17
Today I wrote a list of things I wanted to accomplish today. Yesterday in my cleaning spree, I set up my new shelving system. On the top shelf I had repairs that needed to be done. Paul had three pairs of shorts that needed the button form the pocket to be relocated to the waist. On one the crotch area was completely split but needed to be stitched back together. On another pair there was an area around the pocket that was coming apart in two spots and then there was a rip in the leg portion across. The patching on that was not ideal but he wears these in a warehouse so I think it will work for their purpose. Now he has three more pair of shorts to put in the rotation of work clothes. 
I also had two friends that gave me items, one a shirt to fix and the other her daughters purse we bought from my friend Des a while back. The pocket on the outside had come unattached. My daughter found two nights ago that one of the boys had ripped the tag out of her special pillow, and it left a HUGE hole at the corner, so now that is stitched and ready to be used again too. Its interesting that all these things which really don't take much time have sat for so long. It was nice to have them on my list today and get them off the list quickly. I also made a set of burp rags today for a giveaway
So now to the rest of my list for today. I have 7 items remaining.

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