Monday, January 23, 2012

The Weekend What a Busy Time

So to tell you how our weekend went. Friday started with moving boxes from a friends storage unit, of things her family did not want, that were her mother's, who passed away last year. She gave them to us in hopes we could make a little money doing a garage sale. Right now they sit in my den. It will be alot to go through. I am hopeful that it will all work out though. Then I dropped Paul off at his brother in laws for his weekend trip, which I told him over and over it was probably not the best timing.. Guess what it wasn't. Its funny how I am always right about these things. I just knew it was such a busy month and he really does a lot to help me with scheduling on our weekends. I depend on him.

On my way back home, after dropping my husband off I found out our daughter wanted to go to a  friends after school, which sounded fine because at the time I wanted to work on a quilt to list on ETSY this week.
Well she ended up riding the bus home instead of going home with her friend, because she couldn't find her which pushed Jakob and I late to find a book or two for a report assigned Friday, research being due Monday. We met with the dad and her friend at the library, got into the library to find someone checked said book out 30 min prior to us being there. We jotted down some info from a reference book quickly as the library closes at 4 on Fridays. I really wish they stayed open until 5. It makes life difficult if children are assigned projects Friday during school, due Monday morning, or even Tuesday. We then  rushed to a local bookstore- to find out they are closing. Everything is 60% off and nothing really left. That said book- sold 30 min before we got there. I am at a point of frustration now..

I rushed home, got online, reserved the book and another at Barnes and Nobel in a location that my husband nearly always drives through because I nearly always get lost.  I printed maps, dropped Zek off at a friends for the night and we left in search of the bookstore. We got there searched a couple sections for more books on symbolism, to find there weren't any. I was thankful I had reserved my two. We went to pay for them, the one we really needed, that we hunted for twice already, they didn't have ready, nor did they have at the store like they said online. The one we paid for, not very useful, it is more a dream definition book. At this point I was wasting gas and we were starving so we stopped in at Denny's. I am thankful he is my practical child who ordered from the cheap menu. We still had to drop clothes off for Kenzei and finally got home near 10 pm. It was a long day!

Saturday started at 8. Waking Jakob up to write out his words, went to the college library in search of a reference book they were supposed to have on symbolism. We searched, finally asked for help for the reference librarian to be in utter confusion at the fact they didn't have the book. What is it with this book! We went to the regular section, her thinking that maybe it was re-shelved in the wrong place and it wasn't there either. I am so thankful that at this point we did find TWO other books, not online in the catalog section, that did work. We don't have a card for this library so we had to sit there and write all the words and info out, so he looked each up and dictated what should be written down because I had a feeling I would be typing it, and wanted to be able to read the writing. At least I could plan ahead for this point I am thanking the Lord for answering some prayers, feeling guilty that I am not at SOS volunteering but thankful at the same time I was spending time with Jakob.

We left there still needing one more word, got lunch, went to the library in town wrote up everything else he needed from the book from Friday afternoon, that thankfully could not be checked out by anyone else since it was a reference book. I dropped him off at home, secured Zekaryah staying with another friend, Kenzei going to a birthday party with Friday's friend at another friends and went to SOS to work until 5:30. Got home made us some eggs and bacon to get a call from Kenzei that she needed clothes, she had not packed enough. I just wanted to lay in bed and watch a movie at this point. But duty calls. I text the mom where Zekaryah is because I was already headed out, and didn't want to do it again later that night..thankfully he is a boy he and didn't need anything- heck he probably didn't even shower.

Dropped off Kenzei's clothes, on the way home Jakob and I got sundaes at McDonald's. I ate my Sundae, decided to put in a movie, I really needed to de-stress. Then I get a call after the movie at 9:30 to find out that the approved party at the bowling alley was in fact not at the bowling alley, which was not her fault, they were under renovations. The mom dropped 5 12/13 year old girls off at a movie theater across town that is huge and has a bar! I did say dropped off as in no adult stayed. So needless to say my precious daughter never called to let me know of the change in plans, and should know better,I like to know where my children are. I am protective that way. So I called and told her to get her stuff together she was coming home. There went my evening. Her in the backseat, feeling I was out of line and she was very upset, not talking to me. I felt upset because she should have called to let me know they were going somewhere else, and I really am not comfortable with them being at a location like that alone.

I picked up Zek at 10 Sunday, finally kenzei was talking to me again so she went along. Came home and guess what? I decided to top off my emotional weekend by going through every one of mom's totes...
Oh wow, I am sad to say that the majority of it I can't use for quilting. Its more clothing material I am thinking. Some of it I don't even know what it is called. I sorted what I wanted, sorted what I knew I could sell online because it has a tag etc on it, to tell me what it is, and then the rest I stacked together in an area for now. I am praying someone will come along and tell me what it is, so I can sell it online or locally.
This is an example of a stack I will list on ETSY, it is very good fabric, just have to figure out how to do it all.

I finished my evening by tagging 11 buckets of clothing from SOS, which I will take back today, and picking up Paul. I tell you ...what a weekend, and he will be lucky if he gets to go again. I am sure I will come back to my senses, but it is hard to have him away like that with school in progress.
All I could think of when I woke up this morning is that, in my efforts to clean house Sunday, it looks worse and I have three boys coming over Friday night for Zekaryah's birthday- we are doing hot dogs and smores and playing board games. And guess what Paul has a side job early Saturday morning...hoping next weekend has better luck.
I am so thankful to our heavenly father that he watched over us the whole time. I may not have gotten the kitchen done, the house clean, my quilt made but I was able to find the bookstore with help from a friend. Three other friends helped me maneuver children this weekend. Just having Jakob made it easier. I can't imagine trying to find time to drive them to where they wanted to be too. I am also thankful that despite all the time that Jakob lost looking for the books for this paper for English, he was able to get all his other homework done on Sunday. I pray for him today as he goes into Spanish probably not as prepared as he would have liked, for his oral speech. I am also thankful he did his art portion of this project while I worked at SOS Saturday afternoon. It is simply amazing!

He had to choose 7 words from ideas of his personality. Then he looks them up finds their symbolic meaning and draws a picture to display that. It is a hand holding a pawn, that has a shadow, he also has fire in the picture with ash shooting across both sides the dark in black and gold and the lighter with white and blue. 
He also has to write a 3 page paper. I admit outside of driving him around, I don't have to help much at all. Boy am I thankful for that.
It was an interesting weekend full of obstacles and time spent together somehow..


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