Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday

I had hoped to get my quilt block done. I had hoped to get some of the house clean. I had hoped to work on a quilt since Friday.. I didn't get any of that done. I created a spreadsheet of all business conducted for Sunshine of Autumn Quilts for 2011. It took hours. I plugged in all our tax info into H and R Block online, which by the way I really love. I used Turbo Tax for years, then last year I got a free trial for HnR, they got me a little more back and so this year I didn't hesitate to use them again. I really like that they have some small business pop ups. I wasn't quite sure where all my information went on the deductions/income sections. Their software was great at helping me figure it all out- myself. I got up this morning, plugged in all my business info and now we are filed and await approval. I am so thankful it is all over.
I learned a ton. First off I need to do better at keeping every receipt. I forget sometimes to keep thread reciepts, or batting reciepts. I forget to break them down between orders when I buy in bulk. I lost out on a lot of write offs. I did not start keeping track of any giveaways or free quilting services until May- once again something I need to change. I did try to download quickbooks- the free version from Cnet, I must say it didn't want to install on my computer. I looked at purchasing it and could not justify the cost. I looked at purchasing quicken- which I used for years when we were first married- you used to get it free when you purchased Turbo Tax. I could not justify the $30 for me to be lazy about having to total my monthly sales. Maybe if I can sell a couple queen orders, right now money is so tight I don't know how we are buying food and paying for gas. In fact this week I could only get half the food we needed because I only had $25 for groceries. 
I am thankful last night that a customer purchased the Baby Genius quilt, I had discounted it to $25, way lower than what I normally would charge but we were desperate. So now just one more premade one to sale at $20. I am praying that will happen for us too.. I hope today to get a quilt block done, start working on that quilt and get some of my very out of control house situated. All these boxes for the garage sale and buckets of my moms fabric are really adding some clutter to my already tight situation.
Hope you are having  a great week


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