Monday, January 23, 2012

The Giveaway Quilt for January 2012

Here is her quilt. I forgot to measure it and it is already boxed so I guess I won't have that info this time.

I saw this cute little tidbit at the bottom of a shirt and found a  way to applique it on a bock, this helped me out too because the brown shirt was very narrow and I wanted to secure the corner where the sleeve was at the top.

Like advertised I used a comfy blue flannel for the back, and a black with green print for the binding

I did include 3 additional squares because the shirts were very small. I felt like if it was going to be her son's quilt I needed it to be a little longer. Not much I could do about making it a little wider. I sure hope he likes it, as well as her.


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  1. Jenn,

    The quilt arrived today and it is amazing! I appreciate the two additional panels that you put on. One additional surprise touch I appreciate is the small little patch with the queen ant. Adorable. You attention to pattern, detail and coordination is evident also. Our son is going to love it!


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