Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

 Today's Tackle it Tuesday post on 5 minutes for Mom was regarding end of season clothes purging. I admit I did have tackling my closets on my list this week but I had one more quilt order to tackle first. Now I am all caught up and order free. I am ready for the Christmas Season Orders to begin!
This quilt has some really fun fabric!

I recreated this tshirt for my customer, her's had embroidery stitches that were undone- she bought it that way years ago. I took the back and found a block font and made her a NEW Shirt.

This little guy I am assuming is their Mascot. I found him on the front of a shirt and added him to another shirt square that didn't have much going on.

This is a repeat customer. We share a loss of our mothers. I wanted to make her birthday quilt (to herself) extra special. I came up with this cute little label that I created myself using a tshirt back from her daughter's shirt that she included in the quilt. I figured this sounded kind of like something a mom would say.

She chose the best flannel for the back of this. She had several choices and we narrowed it down to this once I showed her this cute Florida fabric. She wanted a beach theme and had found some cute Michael Miller prints. This set up was perfect! Even the binding has the smallest feather like detail- great considering the flamingos.

She requested that I add a 40 somewhere to the quilt- to represent her 40th birthday this year. I made it into an entire block. No missing that.

Out of all the photos I took this is my favorite. I can't show you in close enough detail but everywhere there is a block like this or in the rows across I used my cute embroidery leaf stitch across the rows- more as a top stitching. It sure came out super pretty. This was a huge Tackle it Tuesday. I even got it in the mail. She is going to love it. I am just sure of it!!

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