Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paul Showing Me Love

In hand Saturday afternoon I started working with the boys on my TO DO list for the house. My husband had been up till 12:30 the night before watching a movie with me and then had to be to a side job at six so he was pretty tired, so needless to say he went to sleep on the couch once he helped us move a piano to the dining room and situate the couch. He did wake up and tackle this. I was going to replace it, that is what I asked for birthday gift wise, is a new light fixture for the bathroom. He suggested trying to paint it first to see if I liked it. I do..I love not having to buy new if I don't have to, it means I have money to spend elsewhere. I don't care for the old glass covers but I hope to get new ones down the road. I did price them and the ones I want are $9 each. OUCH!

Since that project went so well we decided to tackle this very ugly fan. It too is rusted and I do not like gold. I think it had 10 lbs of grease on it, so I had to use some dawn in some areas to get it clean before the steel wool process, which I helped with on this one. This fan is so old the wires are in a neat little box they are not connected with wire nuts.

So here is the finished project. I am thankful that right now the weather is cool because in our process of taking down, cleaning and painting somehow we messed up the wires or controls to the fan. He tried putting in a new switch but no luck. He might buy another switch first just in case that is bad but it looks like in the end we will be replacing this fan. Didn't it turn out nice?


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