Monday, October 24, 2011

Mekenzei Showing Me Love

Mekenzei asked me Sunday where the new tool was that we got to do the flower beds. This is why. They are more like grass beds. Funny since all the real grass has died off due to no rain pretty much for a year. We just can't afford to water the lawn. It is very sad but choices have to be made.

She was very excited to work in the flower bed, part way through she came in and told me I was not allowed outside, she allowed me quickly to take two pictures.

She had already made so much progress. She worked from about noon until 8 at night. I was shocked that she kept at it

The view this morning after they left for school and the sun came up. Looking really good, still do much to do.

She has finished her homework for the evening and is back out there. I am trying not to be nosy but I think Zekaryah is now helping her. Daddy says once she gets most of it done he will till the land for her, add soil and mulch, build the beds correctly and run pipe from the washing machine and dishwasher so that it will water this area. He will also take her to buy plants to put in the beds. That will be her birthday to me. What a neat surprise!


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