Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Pillowcases

I was a little frantic today as I spent a ton of time at SOS this morning working. I just really wanted to get a lot accomplished. I also knew that I had planned to work on my pillowcase order, thus the emotions of uncertainty of how I would get it all done. Its interesting to me how I get that way. I know the Lord will give me the hours I need to do my job when I serve Him like I did this morning. Guess what I got it done. They look great too. I will be able to mail them tomorrow and start a new quilt order on time. I plan to put in two more 4 hour days, so I am praying the quilt goes quickly.
Oh and I used two new fonts today. I love them both. I like the chunkiness of the Andrew yet the delicateness of the Mackenzie too
Only thing I would have done different is used a HOT PINK on this one for the thread. The picture does not do it justice it just blends in too much unless you get a close up

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