Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week as usual I have much to be thankful for. 
We had three dogs which all got into poison but only lost one. I am very grateful, sad still but grateful.
Kids are still adjusting to school. Jakob has stayed up till midnight every night and gotten up at 4:45. I am so thankful he works so hard and has not really even complained.
I am thankful that I took Mekenzei to the dr for her foot. We really didn't have the money to do so, but I am grateful they took Xrays and found that she needed more help then I realized. She's being a trooper about the soft cast and crutches too.
I am thankful for the Tattler Reusable Lids that I won this week, they will be in the mail shortly. I am excited to see if they work as well as the other blogger says. We have really started to can more and more with the economy and wanting to provide for our family.
I am thankful that Paul got an extra side job this week. These sidejobs are so important to us!
I am thankful that my customer really loved her pillowcases. She gave me wonderful feedback too.
I am thankful that I am one of 12 finalists in a pottery barn contest on Facebook. I will admit that one viewers photo is a little more compelling then mine- at least I have a desk, but I am still thankful to be chosen.
I am thankful to be working on this Christmas Senior Project and for the response I am getting. I pray that more people can pitch in and these seniors can have a wonderful Christmas.
Most of all I am thankful for my husbands hard work. He got half the chimney down and I am ever so grateful.
I continue to see the Lord working in our lives and that is very exciting.

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