Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

It is very fitting that Tackle it Tuesday be the first day back to school. Tonight I find myself unable to sleep, probably really from the long day of work, which does not allow my body to slow down as easily. Also in part because I find myself praying for my children tonight. 
I am praying that they each make a few friends, that they bond with their teachers and allow their brains to soak up as much as possible to do well in classes. I pray for Jakob that he does not feel overloaded as he begins a very complicated schedule of advanced classes. I pray for Zekaryah that he be granted a couple of teachers this year that will take him under their wing and help him realize that he is worth so much! That he can achieve anything his heart desires. I pray for him as he begins track/cross country, that he finds that burning desire in something he is good at, something that is a talent from the Lord, that he is running for the Lord not just himself.  I pray for Mekenzei, I pray that she find comfort in who she is and not who others want her to be. That she can achieve it all- the hard classes, sports and music. That hard work pays off and makes life more fulfilling. 
I pray also for all of their spiritual well beings, that they will continue to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and have the discernment to make the right choices. I realize that public school is so much more difficult then when I was there, I pray that we continue to communicate and help guide them to the best of our abilities.
I pray that all the organizations that I am involved with always come second to them. That they always know without a doubt that they are second under God in my life. That family does always come first.
Sometimes my tackle it Tuesdays are full of crafts, sometimes they are full of chores and cleaning today it is full of prayer and petition before the Lord, over my family, home and friends.

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  1. Very fitting and touching Tackle it Tuesday. Sometimes prayer can be very hard work. Other times it's the easiest thing we do. I'm just learning some of this.


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