Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Great Father's Day Weekend

Mekenzei crawling between the rows to get the tomatoes we could not reach. So thankful she is small!

So super hot but they are champs helping to collect today's crop

Our First Watermelon. Looks yummy

Today's Harvest- it made two huge batches 9 qts of salsa

Prepping the salsa that hubby cooks. I think I have the easier job

What each pot looks like just before cooking.

Paul's snake got out tonight. They are extremely thankful they found him- actually curled up in a movie book that was on a shelf above the cage. Notice the green couch in the background- we have had this nearly four years, just this loveseat. Its worked but we are so thankful for this weeks provision from dear family friends.

The new couch unit, this rug and the one that sits behind it, as well as the corner table. It will be much better for watching movies and playing games. Of course we still have to figure out a window solution so that we can hook up the huge window unit a friend gave us last summer. Today we opened the kids doors and tried to get some of their ac from their rooms to flow into the living room, den and kitchen- to be honest I think all it did was drop one degree. So not sure its the best use of electricity. This constant 94+ weather inside is really starting to wear on me. I have had a constant headache all day. :-(  I think overall we had a great Father's Day weekend. Hubby is currently making pork chops/chicken tenders fried, some mashed potatoes and corn on the cob as we watch True Grit.

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