Friday, May 20, 2011

What Am I Learning Friday

I am learning that pizza solves 75 six graders need to talk constantly for hours during rehearsal. Yesterday after school I went up to help watch over all of the sixth grade choir so that their teacher could run rehearsal of last nights performance. This morning my head is splitting and I am spending the day with them again on a field trip. I would not change it for the world though because of all the memories. I loved watching my children really have fun on stage last night, not just sing but have fun.

The night incorporated many shirt changes according to songs, my son is practicing during rehearsal even though they didn't have to, notice his double shirt. He had the most horrible headache part way through practice. I am ever so thankful my husband was able to stop for some chocolate right before it all started. I had given him a motrin but he needed a pick me up. Hmmm college days or late nights anyone? That is my instant trick.
Be Still My Heart, I could listen to her for hours. Of course I am her mama so I am maybe a little biased but I think she did wonderful last night. Her nerves were pretty heavy but I can see that with a few more times of performing some solos, she is going to have those nerves anchored down and running away.
So the lesson I learned this week is Being Fair does not always work, hmm or maybe wanting to do something special for one might hurt feelings of another..Well maybe some of both. See we have two children in sixth grade, they do some of the same activities like track and choir. Last night MeKenzei had an entire 3 minute solo, while Zekaryah did not. He could have but he decided he was too scared to get on stage in front of so many people. I really with all my heart wanted to get MeKenzei some flowers and make a moment out of the solo. However, Zekaryah worked hard also and I didn't want to penalize him for the stage fright.. See my situation? I couldn't think of something to give Zekaryah, we had already decided to get MeKenzei a stuffed animal instead. Then I am sitting at practice and I think Goggles.. They all need them, see they couldn't play in the pool Wed night because I didn't want their eyes puffy for the show.. This time it was problem solved, however, it sure is hard trying to be fair and not make one child feel left out because the other one is "special".  So for now I can just share the show with you SOLO

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