Monday, May 2, 2011

Todays Blessings

You may ask why I took a picture of our oleander bushes, which honestly are pretty sad looking. See we moved in to this house 4 years ago this summer. I have yet to see these bushes ever flower. Okay so I am strange- I will just preface that before I continue. I see symbolism at times and whether that is a good thing or bad I will let you decide.Here was my impression of this bush right or wrong.When I was growing up we had oleanders in the back yard all along the fence line. They were this color and a light color. I thought of Mother's Day approaching, how I missed her then I saw all these flowers. Hmm just something amazing about bushes with no flowers for three years then this Mother's Day without her there they are. Anyway was to me..  

So interesting story. I called my husband to see if he could bring some big trash bags home from work because we were out. He said they were out too but on order. I said oh okay and was a little disappointed. He was driving home from work tonight and he saw these two black rolls. Of course if you knew my husband you would know that he stops for all kinds of things on the side of the road, even circles back for them. Your junk or lost item might just be his treasure. I see this one as the Lord's sense of humor of provision for us. These are extra large contractor bags by the way. Enough to last all summer or longer. What a true blessing. I am loving this Sun Stand Still book, I can see and feel the Lord just moving through our lives, shaking them up and showing us daily HEY I AM HERE! Ask...Pray...Believe!

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  1. I was checking out at the grocery store tonight and lying right beside me on the counter was a $3.00 off your purchase coupon! I said thank you Lord!


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