Monday, May 2, 2011

Mekenzei's Egypt Tomb Shoebox Project

Mekenzei's Ancient Egypt Tomb ShoeBox Project 2011

I love love love love love that she did 98% of this by HERSELF! Such creativity and talent after some minor research online.
This is the ground floor, we read that some tombs had multiple levels and everything in them had a purpose for what they believed would be necessary for the afterlife.

This is the Sarcophagus- it is actually made of cardboard and then spray painted gold. I affixed it lightly to stand with some hot glue for her

These are to resemble the jewelry, amulets and makeup pot.

These are the "canopic jars" they would hold various intestines etc that were thought to be needed in the afterlife. The heart was very important. There is a story that if the heart was light as a feather the person would go on in life fully restored. However if it was heavier a monster came and ate it and the person wandered.

This is a table with a mummified Cat- which would have been of high importance, a boat which they might need to win battles in the afterlife and a pot.

Here we have a tablet with hieroglyphics on it. Also various swords for weapons in battle. All the pictures hold importance, it is believed that they could call out something in a art drawing to come to life and take form in various afterlife situations.

This is a scroll- would contain laws, covenants etc. Then also more weapons- bow and arrows
Photo of the top level. She did so much work after probably ten hours I said enough was enough even though this was not just full of more items. I think she covered a good share of the basics and am praying for the A she deserves.

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