Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for my three finished quilt orders. I am thankful that each customer was led to me and I was able to create a Graduation Gift for them. It was a lot of work to do in two days but it all worked out well.
I am thankful for the new queen size tshirt quilt order that came in. I am also thankful that my husband saw my stress level and changed side job days so we could go get the gray flannel I needed tonight instead of waiting. 
I am thankful that Mekenzei did so well on choir auditions that she made Chamber Choir- normally 8th grade girls. These girls have to be able to sight read music- she did well on that. She also passed the Algebra I entrance exam and will be able to take that as a 7th grader.  It amazes me how hard they push kids. Alg was not even offered in Ca until High School when I went to school. Here is Texas you can take it in 7th grade.
I am a little thankful that Zekaryah will only take Pre Algebra. I like that he will be given some extra time to get the basics down, but that he is still not taking 7th grade basic math.
I am thankful that the kids saw my stress level over the house when they got home and it encouraged my daughter to "truly clean" the bathroom. I do have to clean the shower but she did everything else, including mopping the floor with a towel. What a relief to have one less thing to do. I was disappointed that the boys felt video games were a better use of their time while we were gone getting fabric then their "To Do List" but they will have to work hard tomorrow and Friday- there will be no video games until my list is done.
I am thankful for the extra work Paul will pull in tomorrow, it will help his trip in June be more manageable. I don't really know how we could sacrifice that money otherwise.
I am thankful for the boxes that I got in the mail from my dad today. It was very hard to open them. I did not know he was mailing me some of my things and I did not know what was in them. To my surprise 2 contained photos. I can't wait to really be able to look through them and take time, but it was nice to see a few of my mom and the kids when they were very little. Sad at the same time.
I am lastly thankful that Thursday marks the last day of this school year. It surely has been a great one. The kids have all grown so much and have accomplished great things. It is sad that in the end it means one more year that they are closer to being out of the house but I know that is ineveitable.
I am also thankful that I handled a negative reading on a test Tue night well. I was not sure how my emotions would be either way. I admit being a little disappointed but at the same time I know that the Lord's plan may be different than my heart's desire. I am thankful he gave me a new quilt to focus on.

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  1. I'm thinking you have some pretty smart kids to be taking those more advanced classes! In our homeschool, I tend to keep the kids at a pace just a notch above what I know they can comfortably. I caught Ryan cheating in math earlier this year and, hard as it was for me, made the decision to start the course over again. This was in January. I'll now have to work on math with him through the summer, and he hates that. The good part is that he learned cheating has some really tough consequences. Ugh....motherhood can be rough.

    Loved your beautiful thankful post. God is good.


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