Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Senior Graduation Quilt Order

A local Order for a Graduating Senior
I felt very blessed to have this order because the mother was looking through a magazine when she came across the T shirt Quilt idea and she almost went with a big company, not me.

I love that it is a local order because that means the potential for word of mouth is that much greater. She said she will keep this in her shop for a little while before she gives it to her son for graduation at the end of the month. I am honored- so I gave her a 10% discount. I also will do the same for any customers that she sends my way.
The quilt fully fits the Full Size Bed that my son has. I didn't think until after the sewing of the shirt blocks that her sons bed might need the squares to go from the top to bottom. Hmmm hopefully that is not an issue. All my children's beds face out from the wall so I just don't remember to ask at times.

I love the binding that I used for this one. The backing was quite a bit darker and I needed a way to tie it in more. You can see the little specs of blue on the denim color binding fabric. I think this will be perfect. Still very masculine.

I also love that I am getting really good at using polo shirts and also with this quilt I had to be very careful because two shirts were really small. I was able to use part of the sleeve to get the full 14 inch square. I am hoping the son will treasure this forever and that the mother will be very happy with her purchase.

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