Monday, April 25, 2011

Yardwork and Garden

With the winter finally over it was time to do some much needed work in the Yard. Shrubs needed to be cut desperately, then some mowing and weed pulling too.
The hole we made when we took the tree down in the front has finally been leveled out so now the chair and bricks can go and I can just have grass grow in more.
This is the work so far. We still need to get to two more flower beds, but it was a good amount of time put in to make it a little better.
I am thankful for the 2 hours Jakob spent on push mowing the yard. I am hopeful we will get the riding mower fixed this year. It would make the job much easier.
Last year we didn't even have grass right through here, looks like the routing of the washing machine to this area is really helping to water the lawn. Can't wait till we do the kitchen sink so that it can also do the same.
The garden sure is doing well, there are three of these little bunches of tomatoes. I am already dreaming of Paul's green salsa. Have to wait a little longer as these are still too green.
I can't believe the size of this squash plant! It already has some buds way low so soon it will be time to pollinate them. I am hoping the deer continue to stay away. We have already had them eat the tops of the pepper plants. I look forward to next weekend and the work we continue to get done outside.

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  1. We planted a tiny garden this weekend! We have tomatoes, squash, bell pepper and cucumbers. I still want to go and get seeds and plant basil, cilantro and some parsley to put on the steps to grow along side the garden in pots. Excited to see how this goes!


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