Monday, April 11, 2011

What We Have Been Up To

It seems like I don't have much time to blog lately. I think about it but life is very busy. I think this time of year we are trying to wrap up projects for schools, weekends are usually crammed with school activities, birthday parties and catching up on house/yard work. Not to mention getting the garden in and adding to it every week until my husband gets everything planted. This year we expanded it and planted so many more crops so it is really taking more of his time.
Saturday we all worked at a baseball fundraiser for an organization I belong to called Magnolia Education Foundation. I really find it a worry cause as it provides grants for teachers/schools in our district. Teachers/school officials can write a grant request, they get submitted to the foundation, we read them, grade them and then the top percent receive their requests. So much is provided by these grants. This fundraiser was a first for the organization but I thought it went very well. I had a booth at the event and my husband sat with me and helped as needed, then the three kids all volunteered time helping with the moonwalks that were donated to us. I did find out that the reason antibiotics say to avoid extensive exposure to sunlight is not because it will give you a headache- like I thought it would, it is because you severely burn! WOW!!
Sunday we just spent at home- all recovering from the previous day. Mine was filled with helping the three kids with projects due this month for school. Paul worked in the garden and then the younger two earned some money by washing the two trucks.
Today I went and picked up Tshirts for the Full size quilt order I took last week. I am excited because I was able to surprise Paul today. I had cut the cost on my quilt by having extra materials from previous orders, so I just had to purchase backing and border fabric for the entire quilt. That savings helped me give him $100 of my down payment on the quilt for his trip in June that he takes every year. I selfishly wanted to set it aside for windows. I have collected quite a bit and we will have to dip into that to do a project we did not anticipate so the $100 would have really helped with the living room, but I remembered that the Lord does provide and my initial response when seeing what my profit was on this order- was to help Paul save some more for his trip. Its so nice for him to get away with his brother in law and a few guys for four days every year right around his birthday. I know he goes and has a great time. So I am trusting that the Lord will provide other opportunities to save in new ways for the windows. We did find that they are cheaper at Home Depot than Lowes so that is really nice.
I am also in need of girls shorts size 10, they have to be the Bermuda style becuase the school has a policy about that. I was able to find Mekenzei two pair that went to her knees then one pair that is more Capri style. All her shorts are pretty short now and she cannot wear those to school, so I am hoping the Lord will bless us with some help in that area.
I am still struggling with the cyst on my foot. I can't really tell if it is getting any better. It still hurts pretty bad. It feels so hopeless to do all I know how to do to help it and it to not just go away. I still have a few more days of antibiotics left so I will continue to pray for the Lord's healing to come forward so that they do not have to do surgery.

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  1. I will pray more for your foot. I know you are struggling with it.

    I have been missing your frequent posts, but I have been busy as well so I understand that.


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