Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Work

Zekaryah had to show me Saturday that he cleaned his room, I had been on him all week about the fact that it was dirty again. He even showed me how much he liked the quilt I finished for him- because his bed was all made. He said look it has all the things you have made for me. Pillowcases, blankets, pillows etc. Good Job! I love clean rooms and happy kiddos.
This weekend I wanted to tackle the pantry. We had cut and painted the top and base boards a while ago- but they were still not up yet. My husband was insistent on painting the ceiling- so- he got to that first- I was more concerned about getting my last top shelf. I needed the extra storage space.

So here it is all painted- I used the same charcoal color paint that I did the game center shelving with, amazing how much darker it looked on this plywood.
Top Boards in- and caulked- I will have to go back in and paint over the caulk, not that I want to do that but hubby wants that done- he doesn't like that it dried white. hmmm
Baseboards in. It is so nice that this is all working out. We have done everything ourselves- the walls were open if you remember from a long time ago- you can't tell at all that they are plywood now. They really look like sheetrock. Great going!
After an hour of work, and the installation of my last top shelf- which we finally had the money to buy those last two pieces of wood for, well I am a little more organized again!
I love it! We still need to do some more work in here- like framing the window- putting in a new window and a window unit, then framing the door and around the shop style light. It has come along way though. I am so thankful it is almost done!
What I really like is I have some storage space for fabric. Eventually I will go through the containers again and maybe do one more donation bag, so that I have less and can store things more efficiently. I am going to try and get to some of my projects first though. The very first two bins are just blankets that are keepsakes, so might see about investing in or making a cedar chest for those.
So truth be told, we have a long way to go to get our room and closet done. I bet it takes another month or so, since we don't seem to ever have a full weekend to tackle projects. The closet is a disaster. Paul needs more shelving on his side and I need to invest in some baskets to help organize things better.
Right now I have about four-give containers all piled up against the wall and under the quilting tables that need to be gone through too. I dont even have the energy to start today, so maybe this week. There are no quilt orders so I will have plenty of time to try and make hard decisions and limit what we keep. It would be great to have more floor space for when I am making those big Tshirt Quilts, so my goal is by the end of April- to have all this squared away.

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