Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday

This is my Tackle it Tuesday. I had hoped to get all these blocks sewn into Nine Patch Squares and then lay out the next two by two set of blocks, well my plan and that of Zekaryah did not mesh so..I got some done but will have to catch up today
Good news is, Mekenzei came home and really loved it. She said it was very colorful and really reminded her of my mom, her grandma. It made my heart full and happy. That was the goal- it will be a difficult quilt but I will be so thrilled when it is done. I took the center blocks of each Nine Patch and used it for the Themed Fabric she personally chose. So its butterflies, sea turtles and I think there is one of a duck too.
These three are all I got sewn together. As you can see though they will look really nice. I then need to cut batting and the backing squares then do them like that jean quilt a couple weeks ago. Sew in X and sew them altogether to form a quilt so it can be ragged. I sure hope with the colors being so bright that it will be a quilt she will keep forever and not just something that is trendy for now.

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