Friday, April 29, 2011

Orindary to Extraordinary

Well as I mentioned this week I am reading this incredible book- which I will giveaway later in May. While sitting in the dr office I read this one portion this week and it really sunk in. I shared this same portion with my husband as it fit both of us, the same but differently. See often when I say that I am a SAHM people then just come back with oh. Its like its not good enough, like I don't do much. I just sit on a couch eating candy and chips all day long. Hmm not the picture at my house for sure. So when I read this portion I thought WOW that is so true, that is so us.
Steven Furtick writes, 
God may lead you to stay at home with your young children, forfeiting a second income. Ordinary. But along with diapers, dishes, and naps, you receive the gift of time- to model discipline, instill values, and speak life into your kids. They could grow up to be Joshuas in their own generation. Extraordinary.
He goes on to say,
God may have placed you in a line of work that seems to have no eternal value and provides very little in the way of personal fulfillment.Ordinary. But he knows you're the only Christian witness many of your coworkers and clients will ever meet. They'll observe what God looks like as you labor with excellence and integrity every day. Extraordinary.
This is what led me to make a difference this week. To take a simple quilt and donate the proceeds to a much needing family. The Lord planted the seed in my heart, I put that faith into action, now I will believe that this quilt will sale, it will go to a loving family and the money will help make another day or two a little easier for the family in need. If you missed the post about the Baby Genius Quilt please read Here

Furtick concluded the section by saying the following,
Look around your desert today. It might be your office, your living room, your church, your neighborhood, your classroom. If God is calling you to make a BIG DIFFERENCE, he usually starts in a small way- a flaming bush that only you will notice.
Will you remove your shoes, draw close, and receive your assignment? Will you give the Lord permission to ignite your ordinary? If you will, I promise it won't be long before your faith starts carrying you to  a level higher than you ever thought you could go.

Now all I can say to that is AMEN! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend. I am on Fire over SUN STAND STILL. Oh and please feel free to share the word about this quilt and donation. Word of mouth is the best advertisement and I would really love to help this family.

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