Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy Afternoons

On Monday the younger two had to go in for their annual checkups and get their immunizations to start 7th grade next year. It made me very thankful to have insurance that is decent. Zekaryah is doing great. He has broke the 100 lb mark now and is right on track with everything. Mekenzei is growing well not quite 80 lbs yet but she is having some growing pains in her legs. The dr took a closer look and realized she has the same uneven leg situation I do, and her knees some in slightly which is why when she runs at times she has pain in various areas of her leg/s and or feet/ankles. For now we are choosing to just watch it. She will run track next year and if it seems to continue to be a problem I will go in and get a lift for the leg that needs that little extra adjustment for her. She does have to go back in next Monday for her Meningitis shot, as they only had one and both of them needed it.
Yesterday Jakob went to take the Compass test at the school, he was very discouraged afterwards because he needed a 6 on the writing essay and he only got a 5. He felt there were two problems with the test, one there was no tab button and so he didn't know how to manage the spaces per paragraph. Then Two it didn't discuss how long you needed to write. Well those two areas we learned is what made that point difference for him. He needed to write over 500 words, he didn't quite make 400 and there are no spaces for the paragraphs. I felt a little sad for him because I think if the test had not been electronic he would have gotten the 6. His quality of writing outweighs mine most days hands down. I am thankful though that there is a second placement test that he can take for the Essay portion, so we have a second shot tomorrow. He knows to just write and write- the counselor at his school seemed confident that he would pass, so my prayer is that the Lord intervene and help him out. In order to be on the Math track he needs this Dual Credit course for his engineering degree. It does seem silly for him to not take it, since he placed in PreCal College Math on the test last night. I guess for now there is not much we can do for pray. I feel a little helpless as a mom.
Today I took Jakob to the dr. I was a little nervous. He has been having near fainting spells. Heart conditions run in my family. I had trouble with mine in High School, I have since outgrown it and learned to manage the stress situation with it. Thankfully his EKG was excellent. The Dr gave him some medication for the Acne, and also his sinus', he does have to come back for blood work because I had fed him before the appointment and he needed to be fasting. It is hard to believe he is approaching 160 lbs.
I am very thankful they are all healthy and doing well. It is also nice that I decided to tackle all these appointments on a No Homework week due to state testing in school. It really has taken the pressure off all of us. It has been nice having time with each child too.

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