Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Have I Been Up To?

I finally got all the DVD's, CDS, Books on Tape into CD Books- it is so much nicer, I have so much more space now too, and its organized! So I was left with another huge bag of trash too.
The owners before us had this shelf up in the hall by the back door. I don't really know what the purpose was- I have not liked it- EVER, but yet it has stayed nearly four years. Paul always stores junk up there and I don't care for that either. I had an idea to put a shoe rack on this wall then decided after he took the shelf down that I don't want that either. Mainly because it would be only Paul's shoes and well that seemed silly. I think we need to not be a lazy family- shoes need to go in our rooms. They always did when I was growing up. So, for now it is an empty wall, and one that needs to be painted- I got the trim paint this weekend so it will be a future project. The white paint I already have.
Speaking of paint, I got some charcoal grayish black paint- called Black Coal this weekend for this shelf and a dresser, both of which needed painting. This was white before and in the den next to the couch/stairs. It has pretty much been a game unit forever. That didn't change, but its location did.
This is my newly painted, organized and relocated game center. It is by the front door in the living room- where I want family time to take place now, and it is all nice and tucked out of the way. Much much better than before. I even have space on top and on bottom if I decide to use it.
Another transition. We have always had the family computer in our room, we also have never had a family room and my quilting was always in this room. That has changed, the quilting moved to our bedroom and I wanted the kids out of their so last night I relocated the desk/computer etc out. I had a little space still in the living room so this worked perfect. I also have more room for my sewing table now. I am loving that too. Amazing how a few transitions are being made and our house is running much better. So far I have been able to keep up with all the rooms that have been cleaned- they are staying clean. I think that is because we have less stuff in them. It is encouraging as we continue our journey through 40 Days 40 Bags- Super Spring Cleaning and Living More Simply.

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  1. Woooooo Hooooooo! You are beating the socks off of me!


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