Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

My Process today- I started with all my Pre-quilted squares that I did yesterday. They are all laid out to form a quilt top.
I took them row by row to get these 15 rows of blocks to turn it into the quilt top
This is the finished quilt top front/back. Measures about 50 by 75.
This is the jean side of the quilt top- which I still need to cut so that it will "rag"
This quilt has some cute attributes like pockets. I admit you can't use the pocket becuase of the X style quilting per block, but I did carefully sew the X so that each pocket that had a "flap" can still lift up.
Another closeup of a pocket. All in a days work- not bad. Hopefully tonight I can start the "ragging" of the quilt, and maybe get a dresser painted that I need my husband to pull out of our room for me. Right now its purple from when my daughters room was pink/purple, but that was years ago, I would love for it to return to a "more neutral" color.

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  1. I am so impressed. You always do a good job. I was in the kitchen all today and didn't think to take one single picture. I made lots of cookies for the senior high Florida trip (youth group.)


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