Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mothers Robe Wallhanging

This was made for a dear friend of mine. She first came to me ordering a Butterfly Love quilt I had advertised in the school web page for sales- someone she knew told her about my quilt. She then placed various orders over the last few years. One was a couple Christmas' ago. She gave me two of her mother's house robes to create a Lap quilt for her daughter.
Since that time she has ordered more quilts, including some this past Christmas time. I had some scraps left over from the robes that I saved. I decided, after her being on my mind a great deal to create this sampler wallhanging last week- the one I could not post. Well she just got it and loved it and now I can post it
I tried to find colors that would match, I love how the pink and blue contrast each other. It has 8 nine patch blocks, made from white fabric and two house robe scraps. Then I used a pretty blue floral to border it and the center block which is a pocket from the robes. It has a pretty pink handmade binding and a beautiful soft blue paisley backing- I allowed for a pink strip of fabric that I used an embroidery stitch to attach for a hanging rod.
I will forever treasure the email that I got last night about the quilt and how surprised she was to get it in the mail. I love how the Lord works because she really needed to be lifted up and the quilt did just that. I can't wait to post the other surprise quilt I made, so far it has not been given to its recipient though, so I have to be patient. Its so HARD!

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  1. Your very talented. I love how the Lord works too! Just when you are feeling down he sends someone or something to pick you up. God Bless.


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