Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mother's Clothing Quilts One and Two

I pray that these two quilts I have finished will provide a treasure of memories for the two girls they belong to. Their mother picked out the cute little polka dot fabric and red binding. She also chose a very soft and cuddly stripped rainbow flannel for the back. They are about 50 by 80, so they will be a little big right now but as they grow into teenagers and then into adults they will have a quilt that will be a "One Size Fits All". I pray that this will keep their loved one close to their hearts.

I love that some of the shirts (also a skirt) in the quilts had the same design- like the horses, a sports one, some even had the same theme like bluebonnets. It helped make the two quilts unique, yet a little bit the same. They seem very cheerful and bright to me. I think they turned out wonderfully.

This is the striped flannel chosen for the back.

Closeup of the fabric for the border and binding

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