Thursday, March 31, 2011

Liberty Quilt

So I fall into the normal trap of many quilters. I sometimes make my quilt top but then I might take a very long time to get the quilt actually quilted and put the binding on. This is the case with today's finished UFO (UnFinished Object). I love this quilt. I have already placed it in the living room on the wall. We are a very patriotic family and my friend Des made these beautiful blocks. It took me a while to find the exact backing and border fabric I wanted for them. I found that last summer, or about this time last year. Then when I made those lovely mother quilts for my friend I had purchased this perfect red fabric which I used to bind this quilt. It is very bright and cheerful. It is EXACTLY what I was waiting for. So one more down, a few more to go. I guess that is the benefit of not having any quilt orders, I can finish some of these UFO's.

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