Saturday, February 26, 2011

Closet Project Return

This part of the pantry we had nearly finished a few months back. I have reorganized after the work we did today
This side is the new addition. I really like the plywood shelving. We didn't want to scrape ourselves on the boards on this end so he put wood along the sides- it also helps promote stability. I like it! We really needed a place for appliances, paper towels and laundry supplies too.

I also very much love this. He was able to get two items from work. One a small fridge someone did not want. Then the second a cabinet that is air tight. I really wanted to get it hung several months back, but we got it done today- YEAH
Its actually pretty big inside. We went through nearly all our pasta, pancake mix etc over the summer and winter months so there's not much to store just yet but I am thankful to have it up and ready.
I am excited to have so much space! I organized pretty well for now. Its funny to see how much we leaned on this storage room over the winter. I really didn't buy much because there were not many sales that matched coupons so I made do with what we have. I am hoping there will be a few more sales in the next couple weeks now that overtime picked back up so that I can restock the pantry. I am also praying we can save a little because I need to get a window unit in here before summer hits. I already know that my tackle it Tuesday project will be making a curtain so that the food is protected now that we have sunshine again. What a great days work! Tomorrow we are adding baseboards and ceiling boards to help climate control the room more.


  1. This looks great, I may be jealous! My stock is low and my space is limited. I am so happy for you though!

  2. Awesome Jennifer! It looks great and I know you'll enjoy it. My MIL always wishes she had a real pantry. She has a few shelves but there's really not one in her kitchen.

    Great job on your Krogers trip too. I really need to get my coupons sorted, clipped and ready to use. I did get some diapers this weekend for a good price. It's always fun when the cashier sees what a good deal you get. :)

    oh, and as I was thinking about Friday, I kicked myself for not making bows while we visited. We probably could have gotten a few of them ready to go. What was I thinking? I'm really not thinking well these days. I'm guessing it's the broken sleep...hahaha


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