Monday, January 3, 2011

Warning about Gift Cards

You know I love gift cards. I think they are a great way to give something to someone and let them enjoy it even more than a gift at times. I got a great gift card for Christmas. I decided to use it for our anniversary. I was a little bummed to see that there was only $2 on it. Someone had scammed the card. Not the person that gave it to us but rather someone got a hold of the number and used it. I have had it happen before at Walmart. I talked to them before and they recommend that you use gift cards that are sealed and they have started offering them. They come in little packages, like cardboard envelopes. From now on that is what I will do. It is so sad that someone would be so rude to write down a number off a gift card then use it online, for a take out order etc. and thus cheating the person receiving the card. So next time you buy a gift card keep that in mind, that your hard earned spent money on someone else may not even become theirs to spend.

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