Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tackle it Tuesday

Cleaning My Side of the Closet
I admit I am not always good at staying organized. I miss the days of hangers and drawers. However I took all my clothes put them on the bed and made a decision, if I didn't wear it in the last year then it went into my donation bag. I did keep a few dress things that I never really wear but for special occasions but it totals all of four items so I am not too worried about it being clutter.
I am sure this will find a good home. Will take it to the donation center this weekend. I would like my husband to tackle his closet this weekend. I still need to get to the floor and tackle that and a couple other shelves that have books. I just want to de clutter the house, so little by little, over the next year I will be taking a trash bag or two to EVERY ROOM. I think we can live with a little less, and hopefully become a little more clean.

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