Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rachel Ray 9 by 13 Lasagna Pan Review

First let me say I have never seen a pan that was packed so well! I actually had a hard time getting it out of the box. I actually liked that because it meant it would not be broken when it arrived.
I loved the idea of the handles on this pan, it was so easy to wash, to pull out of the oven and then to rewash.
I used it twice tonight that is how much I LOVE IT!
First recipe was banana cake for my daughter
I could not believe how well it pulled away from the pan, it was evenly cooked and it came out nice and clean.
 The second recipe I made in the pan is some family size brownies
 Again they cooked so nice and even, they removed quickly from the pan and I was just so amazed.
To be the biggest reason I love this pan is the handles, it really makes a huge difference to have an easy way to maneuver it. I love that it cleans so easily, it also cooled pretty quick too.
If there was one con it would be that it is so big that I will have to try and find somewhere to store it, it is a little heavy so if you have trouble holding on to things it might not work as well as some glass pans the same size. I love the color and the stoneware feel to it though.
I am betting I purchase a set of Rachel Ray's smaller pans because I could see using them several times a week. As for this 9 by 13 one, I can't wait to make a lasagna in it.
If you are interested in the Rachel Ray Line, feel free to visit they have many to choose from.

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  1. I think I love that pan too, and I've never used it. I can see you're going to love having that lasagna pan for many years to come! Rachael Ray has some of the best kitchen ware that I've seen.


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